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Tactical RifleTraining Camp



Here’s a special opportunity for a select group of sheepdogs!
Last year’s course was a huge success and we are bringing it back in cooler weather! This two‐day camp will help you build skills, tactics, and the ability to communicate and problem solve under duress. This is not a beginner’s course. You should be able to safely manage your equipment in a controlled manner while on the firing line with others and you must have a conscientious command of safety skills. This training involves moderate physical activity so participants should be in good cardiovascular health. Drills include walking forward, backward, and laterally with a firearm indexed in the “up” position for short periods of time. Participants with orthopedic issues will not be required to kneel. Operators will benefit from our excellent coach‐to‐student ratio and a wide array of skills, drills and scenarios geared for real‐world.


These two days will reward you with an improved set of skills and abilities you deserve, but just can’t seem to make the time for.  So invest in yourself...and come to camp!



1. Pistol and semiautomatic, box magazine‐fed rifle

2. Sling that permits muzzle‐down carry for rifle

3. Minimum of 4 magazines for both firearms

4. Eye and ear pro, knee pads, ball cap, hydration system, dump pouch for rifle magazines and other gear.

5. A minimum of  750 rifle (no steel, AP, polycarbonate/ballistic tip ‐ we will check your ammo with a magnet!)) and 250 pistol,

6. Personal kit to carry and deploy your firearms, perform reloads, and manage your gear.



Course fee cash or check ‐ no CC’s, made payable to

Tactical Specialties

11370 East JB Lane

Hallsville, MO 65255.

Registration is limited, so in advance of payment e‐mail us your name, address, home and cell phones, and date of birth to  todd@tactical‐specialties.com.    We will send you more information and a confirmation letter when you have paid.

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